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(Fish Eating Red Anemone Urticina piscivora among brittle stars near Nifty Rock.)

New Years 2018 at San Miguel Island, CA

Each year there is a New Year's Limited Load 3-day trip on the Vision to the Northern Channel Islands, out of Santa Barbara, CA. The 2018 New Year's trip was amazing! We had an awesome group of people on the boat, and came up with some nice underwater images. New Year's 2019 is definitely on the list for next December. If you want to join in the fun, give us a call.

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Blue Rockfish
at Wilson's Rock
Sebastes mystinus

New Year's Eve
Moonrise over San Miguel

The weather and water conditions on the trip were nothing short of spectacular. We were able to dive some of the best sites San Miguel has to offer, including Wilson's Rock and Wyckoff Ledge.

I did all these images with a 12-24mm DX Nikkor lens and a single Inon Z240 strobe.

12 (large) Red Abalone
at Tyler Bight
Haliotis rufescens
Red Abalone

Rockfish at Wyckoff Ledge
Wyckoff Ledge

Brittle Stars at Cuyler
Brittle Stars

Giant perennial kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera
Giant perennial kelp

California Strawberry Anemones
Corynactis californica
Strawberry Anemones

Kelp at Wyckoff Ledge
Kelp at Wyckoff Ledge

Rockfish in kelp

Green Anemone
at Tyler Bight
Anthopleura xanthogrammica
Green Anemone

Sunbeams thru kelp
Kelp in sunbeams

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